Artist Cleverly Conveys Speed

Conveying movement in a drawing can always be tricky. And if you’re trying to depict racing cars, emulating a sense of speed is key to breathing life into the subject. German artist Ioann Zelenin has found a clever way to achieve this, imbuing his already detailed charcoal drawings with a cinematic quality. By working with a wood stick covered in rubber bits to cleverly blur the lines in his compositions, Zelenin creates the illusion of speed.

While it has become a reliable tool for Zelenin, the stick's origins are not that glamorous. “I just use a frame stick that I tore from my bed,” he explained in an Instagram comment. The rubber stick held the bed's wooden sheathing, but the artist found that it's great for erasing and smudging the charcoal. “There is rubber there to hold everything in place, this rubber lubricates the coal.”

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Ioann Zelenin’s innovative “bedside” technique
evokes motion from flat surfaces

How does an artist convey movement in a static medium? For Ioann Zelenin, the answer lies in an unconventional tool. The Russian native, born in the Republic of Tatarstan and now living in Berlin, developed his signature technique when he dismantled an IKEA bed frame and figured the wooden slats might somehow be useful.
He fitted one of the slats with some of the bed’s rubber bumpers and ran it strategically across one of his charcoal sketches. A dynamic piece emerged, with the subject in focus and the background blurred: the handmade version of a photographer’s ul-tra-low f-stop.

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Gallery Of Painting By Ioann Zelenin - Germany

This site features photos of my previous pieces, each with its own unique story and inspiration. It's a great way to familiarize yourself with my work, appreciate the evolution of my style and what I was drawing when I was studying to be an architect

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Blurring the boundaries with artist Ioann Zelenin


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