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Johann Zelenin

"Plane" Original

"Plane" Original

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"Flight of Imagination: Surreal Soar"

On a vertically oriented canvas measuring 160 x 90 cm, a mesmerizing surreal landscape unfolds. Stark contrasts of black and white hues create an illusion of depth and motion. Dominating the center, an aircraft takes off, its contours defined by decisive, swift lines. Robust engines convey a sense of power and vigor.

The runway, merging with the watery expanse, imparts a unique dynamism to the composition. It sinks into the endless sea, surrounded by waves depicted as mighty surges, seemingly ready to engulf all in their path. Water splashes underscore tension and movement. Subtle shadow lines add depth and realism, remaining true to the overall surreal essence.

Mountains emerge in the distance, their silhouettes ethereally blending with the sky. This distant vista lends a sense of freedom and boundless opportunity to the artwork, as if the plane carries hope for new horizons.

This piece of art embodies determination and aspiration for something greater. It beckons the viewer to embark on a journey alongside the airplane, immersing in an ocean of possibilities where reality meets surrealism, and crisp lines and deep shadows create a magical ambiance of motion and transformation.

● Watermark is of course not included in the artwork.

● Carbon neutral, sustainable production, packaging and shipping. Charcoal and pencil are one of the most sustainable creative materials in the world. Zero emission to the atmosphere.

● Worldwide delivery with tracked & insured shipping.

● Guaranteed archival life of 100+ years.

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